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Be inspired by amputees like athlete Marlon Shirley, who lost his foot at the age of 5 in a lawn mower accident. He says "we all have the ability to over come and become better than we ever thought".
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Your potential life partner could live across the street, or on the other side of the world! The traditional places to meet dates do not work for everyone.

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Your dating profile makes all the difference in getting responses. Add some recent photos, at least one close up showing your head and shoulders, and a few others showing your overall appearance and how you like to dress.

We All Have Disabilities, You Can Just See Mine! 

The fact is none of us know when we may be the victim of a debilitating accident or injury. One moment we could be going through our daily routine as happy as we can be and the next moment we could be struck down with a spinal cord injury or stroke and become disabled for life. One thing we all need to remember is to never say never. It is not always the other person, sometimes it hits close to home.

The following story is true and should be an inspiration to all of us. This story deals with a young 21 year old woman. She had been extremely popular in high school having participated in lots of extra curricular activities including being a member of the Girls basketball team to performing as a Majorette at football games and being a member of several clubs and organizations. She was attractive, bright and intelligent and very personable and had the whole world ahead of her.

Her passion was riding and training her horses. In other words, she was a horse woman. She owned several horses including a Tennessee Walker.


After high school she went to Cosmetology school and became a beautician at a local salon. This turned out to be the perfect career for her as she was very personable and people seemed to just flock to her because of her magnetic personality. Yes, she had the world on a string, that is until one afternoon in May 1970.

It seems she had been swimming with a group and was riding back to her parents home on the back of a motorcycle driven by one of her friends. In a split second someone ran a yield sign and ran into the motorcycle. The resulting impact threw her off of the back of the motorcycle and she was thrown about 60 feet . This tragic accident resulted in her back being broken resulting in her spinal cord being badly bruised.

Read full article by Don Stone, a semi-retired sales and marketing professional with a goal of educating people about the struggles of the disabled in this country. For more information on health, nutrition and disabilities please visit: http://www.nutribizz.com


The term disability may refer to those with:

   physical impairment
   sensory impairment
   cognitive impairment 
   intellectual impairment
   mental illness
   chronic disease.

Read more about current issues, government policies and support for disabled people in the Wikipedia "Disabled" article.


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